List of stations where a particular app is used

Hi community
Is there a way to see a list of station where a particular app is used?
I know I can see a list of apps for a given station but I want to see the reverse of it.
This is useful if I have multiple stations using the same app, and I need to do a bug fix on the app. Having a list of stations that use the app will enable me to assess how many stations in the shopfloor is impacted from the bug.

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I’m curious too about this. I would try creating app analysis for the app showing stations/device (not sure if it will work).

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Hi @Rakitha,

Thank you for the questions. We don’t currently have a way for you to view a list of stations with a specific app assignment. I’ve taken you’re post and create a feature request for our product development teams to review.

In the meantime, it might be helpful to use station groups when assigning apps. There’s a knowledge base article about station groups here. This allows you to assign an app to multiple stations as once, and conversely you can view a list of apps assigned to the group.

Additionally, we are planning to release a user facing API for stations that would allow you to make this query programatically. This wont be available until later this year.

Let me know if you have any other questions. I would love to learn more about you experience with the Stations page.

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this seemed like a great idea. I tried it but it doesn’t seem like it’s doable. Thank you nevertheless. :slight_smile:

Missing this funktionality is really a pain…
It should easily be done to add a Filter on the stations Page.
This would be scalable to filter by last user, devices…

Additionaly you could show all assigned stations at the App page as well…

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