Google Sheets Connector, Fetching Oauth2 Token Failed

Hi Everyone!

I’ve been trying to set up the Google Sheets connector, which requires setup of a Google Oauth2 (admin) token. So far, I have followed the video made by Pete on this page to create a credential within my company’s project on the Cloud Console (albeit enabling the Sheets API and Sheets-related scopes instead). When I run the Oauth2 test under the Tulip Connection Details, I successfully reach the user consent prompt and can see that Google then sends me to the appropriate redirect URL, however I always return to the Tulip Connection Details page with the error “Test Failed: OAuth Token Test Error(fetching token failed).”

It’s a bit difficult to tell what’s going wrong in the process from the error alone, and I was wondering if anyone had some insight into what may be happening and how I may be able to resolve it. I’m fairly confident that the Client ID and Client Secret I copy over into Tulip are valid, and I also don’t believe there’s anything wrong with the Authorization and Token URLs that are there by default:


But perhaps there’s something obvious in the Cloud Console that I may be missing. Any help is greatly appreciated!