History widget sorting

Hello Tulip team,
I’m creating a logbook using the history widget but I realize I cannot sort the results from latest to oldest. By default the widget will display the oldest change to the latest one. Would be great to have a sort function for this widget !

Hey Patxi,

Thank you for reaching out! We are aware of this limitation, and understand that being able to sort the history in reverse chronological orders would be helpful in many cases.

We don’t have a date yet of when we’re planning to work on this, but we’re planning to do it.

We’ll keep you posted :wink:

Software Engineer at Tulip

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Ok thank you Florian, I’m looking forward to it !
For others reading this topic, today my ‘solution’ is to allow users to choose the time range of the logbook. By default, on step enter I set this time range 7 days before current date for my use case.