How to get the SMS notification

I want to get the SMS notification of PO number after we press the UPDATE button in APP.

Hey @sureshkumar.k!

Welcome to community! Here is how I would do this:

This will send to the number associated with whatever user you select:

Does this do what you need?

Hi Pete

Can you please explain more in expression option.


Suresh kumar.K

Hey @sureshkumar.k - Absolutely!

The expression editor is incredibly powerful. It allows you to combine app data, table data, machine data and more into a single string to be used in your text. Here is a great document that goes into detail on how to use the expression editor..

In short - In my example my expression is saying:
Take “You need to attend to PO:” and then add the value for my PO variable after that text. So this would generate “You need to attend to PO: 123” if my PO variable was 123

Does this make a little more sense?

Hi Pete

Thanks for your help!! That expression helped me lot.

I want to count the variable ? I need an expression type. Please suggest the suitable method


Suresh kumar.k

Hey @sureshkumar.k -

I just shot you a direct message so I can investigate your app-