How to identify the produced time of last part in a specified date?

Hi, team,

I would like show produced time of First and last part in a specified date. I got problem on time of last part.

for first part, the solution is quite easy to me that create a state with logic that once previous part count=0 & current part count >0, Machine activity table records this status change with end time, so I can get the time of first part produced.
For the time of last part, it’s hard to get it in save way because, there isn’t any logic can be used. In my senario, machine will change from running to stop state for a while then change to offline.
the time of last part produced is always ahead of state change to stop and offline state.

Or is there any expression we can use in app to get the time of last running state?

Bootter Qian

Hi @jinbootter.qian -
As of today, when using the Machine Activity table, it is not possible to get to the time of the last running state. We do have some work planned to make this possible in the near future. In the meantime you would likely need to use an app and then save the specific values you are interested in to a Tulip Table.

Here I have a solution.
create a field of this machine type, unselect “clear data on new row”.
if machine status is running, then data manuplation -store running time to this field.