Possible to write to previous state in Machine Activity Table?

As part of our operator facing application for production, if a machine stops for more than 5 minute we prompt the operator for a downtime code.

If the operator starts the equipment before entering the downtime code then we lose the ability to track the reason and default it to Unknown Stop.

Is there any way to write to the previous state? If so, is there a best practice for the logic to do so?

Hey Richard!

So I was chatting with our Tulip solution engineers about this - once the active state is passed the record is immutable in the machine activity table, and because of this, some customer choose to use a Tulip Table as opposed to the machine activity table so they can make edits after the fact.

That being said, you can specifically edit the “downtime reason” within the machine timeline widget. It’s a somewhat hidden functionality (see below).

Let me know if any of this helps!

I’ll give that a try. I did add it to my app and run in the testing mode, but when I try to click on the button I just get :no_entry_sign: for the cursor.

In test mode that will happen, but should work in Player! Keep us posted