Machine data to Tulip Table

Can I get the Duration value from the machine activity table into a Tulip table when a button is pressed? The button will also change the machine state.

Hi, @fconner

Yes, you can get the Duration value from the machine activity table into a Tulip table when a button is pressed. You can use Tulip’s Machine Triggers to achieve this123.

Here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Create a Table in Tulip that will store the Duration value.
  2. Create a Button widget in your Tulip app that will trigger the update of the machine state and the storage of the Duration value in the Tulip table.
  3. Create a Machine Trigger that will be triggered by the button press event. The trigger should contain the following clauses:
  • Event: Machine Event
  • Clauses: Machine Activity Field
  • Values: Duration
  • Actions: Update Table Record

When the button is pressed, the machine state will change and the Duration value will be stored in the Tulip table.

I hope this helps!

When creating the button trigger & the machine trigger, I do not have the option to select duration.

Hi @fconner - would using analysis work for you here? Using Machine Data in the Analytics Editor

You should be able to use Tulip analytics to calculate / display duration of a machine state.

If this doesn’t help, let me know if you can provide more details about your use case here and we can continue to brainstorm how to get you what you need!

I am not sure if an analysis would work for me. I need to track the amount of time it takes to complete a process. If I am able to store the duration from the machine, then I can use it to increment the value in a table to get the total time spent on the process. My only other idea was putting an exit trigger on each step that is part of the process and using the App Info - Time Elapsed on Current Step. The process can be stopped and continued later. This data is used for end of month calculations.

Understood - I talked with the Tulip Team a bit about this and the long story short is that this is not quite possible right now from within an app. The duration machine activity field is not accessible via Tulip app trigger because duration is not calculated until after the machine state updates.

However, Tulip Automations should be able to accomplish this! You can create an automation that listens for change in machine states, then writes to a table when the state changes and you will be able to capture duration this way.