User activity table - Collect user activity data to be quickly used in analytics

Hello Tulip Team,

I would like to suggest that a similar approach used for Machines - the machine activity tables, would have many benefits if applied to the Users or User table.
If we could track operator performance in a similar way to machines, even by pushing data to this table using triggers, it could speed up analytics creation for performance tracking and reporting.

Humans and machines work together in any factory and the metrics for both are extremely valuable.

I think the way Tulip is designed to work with machine data from collection to analytics, if applied to the human activities in a similar way, it could cover a lot of use cases for companies that are currently having to treat this data manually across multiple tables or apps in order to have metrics created.

Would love to one day start an analysis in Tulip from a People tab in addition to App, Tables and Machines!

Thanks for the great work so far! :+1:
Have a great day! :sunny:

Hi @alin.sala,

I think it’s an interesting concept. Could you elaborate a bit more on how you would envision getting information from getting information attributed to each user? What metrics/information would you look for specifically - what matters most to you and why?