How to store the time the user spent with Step open in a table

Hey guys. Is it possible to store the time a user spent processing a step in a table? For example, I developed a solution in TULIP where users need to register training on a certain subject. How to make it so that when the user clicks on the “Register Training” button, the processing time for this STEP is stored in a table.

Hi @Alex_Santos. I can think of a few ways to implement this.

Solution 1:
Create an On step enter trigger that records the current time into a variable. The format of how you record this is up to you, but the trigger would look something along the lines of:

Data Manipulation -> Store -> Expression (App Info. Current Date and Time). -> variable/table record (wherever you want to store this temporary value).

If this page is open before the training session starts, this trigger could be moved to a button that the user clicks when starting.

Upon completion of the training, the button will run a trigger along the lines of:
Data Manipulation -> Store -> Expression (variable/table record - App Info. Current Date and Time).

You may need to do a bit of data manipulation within your expression to get the formatting right. See this article for more information.

With this method you have the ability to store the start and end time in your table record. This may be useful for record tracking.

Solution 2:
This solution is less robust, but you may find it useful (either here or for another application).
Tulip tracks the time a user has spent on a step, which can be accessed very easily.

Data Manipulation -> Store -> App Info -> Step Name -> table record

I feel that this method is more prone to error as the timer will not reset until the app is restarted. For example, if I spend 5 minutes on your training step, switch to another step, and then switch back to the training step and spend an additional 5 minutes on the training step, the total timer will be 10 mins.

Hopefully this answers your question!

All the best,
Preston Fisher

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Great suggestions @Preston ! I would agree one of those 2 approaches should help here. Other thing I will add is that step time is available in the app completion record and can be accessed in Tulip Analytics as well, if you do not want to have to save it to a Tulip Table - this link has some more details Overview of Completion Records

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