Creating Stopwatch Tulip

Hello Guys,
Can any one tell me if it’s possible to create a stopwatch with Tulip : what i mean is to start the counter on a trigger (device output for example) and keep the counter on untill the disappearance
of this output? Can i use the elapsed time on the current step in a variable (the step with where this output will appear) and when the output disappear delete the value of this variable without completing the app or if i don’t complete the app this variable will always have the value of this counter?
An other thing, imagining that i have 3 WO that i have to launch for today but they don’t have same planned launch time. I know that i can add requests to a table but can i load automatically records from this table when the WO in progress is finished and to display no WO to launch if there is no WO to produce for this date.
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hello @FahdERM, thanks for posting!!

using the Step Time is certainly an option, but have you considered incrementing a variable (of type Interval) on a Timer Trigger?? based on what I’m understanding, this should work well for your use case.

  1. clear the Counter on Device Output
  2. use the Data Manipulation > Increment Value Action to increment this counter by the interval you define in the Timer:

would this work for you??

regarding your second question, have you considered having 3 Table Records (linked to the same Table)?? using this method, you will be able to add Triggers to compare the Current Date and Time to the launch time for the WO and execute Triggers when they’re set to start.

let me know if this makes sense!!

Thank you @gio for these answers. But for the second question, imagining that i have 100 WO created and i have to launch them all that day. And other thing, the problem is that in Tulip, to load a table record, we have to do this by ID so we have absolutely to know the IDs right? And what i want to do is to load these table records automatically when previous WO is finished.

hello @FahdERM, no problem.

ah OK, with 100 Records starting on a single day it could be a little more complicated. have you considered using Table Queries to only display specific Records, for example the ones that are due within the next hour?? the User could then select the WO to launch, without having to know the ID. more on Table Queries and Aggregations: Tulip Table Queries and Aggregations | Tulip Help Center - Support for Building Manufacturing Apps.

let us know if this could help the workflow you’re building!!

Hello @gio. Thank you for answer. In fact, this is what i am doing right now. I am using Queries to filter WO but what i was trying to do is to launch automatically the first WO of the table without the intervention of the operator. I mean to let Tulip choose the WO to launch for him.

ahh OK, understood @FahdERM. and do the ID’s of the Table Records have a sequential logic to them?? if so you could a Timer Trigger to:

  1. increment a variable
  2. load the Table Record by that ID
  3. check for the due date on that Record

would that work as a solution for you??

Hi @gio, Sorry for the late. In fact, WO don’t have a sequential logic this is will complicate things i think no?
thank you,

@FahdERM, you just likely need to add a couple of Triggers. have you considered adding a Table API call to get the ID’s for the Records that you need to launch??

@gio, for the moment, the solution that i have used is to display an interactive table with filters and to let the operator choose which WO wants to launch. And may be, if it’s possible, adding a table API call to get the ID’s and to filter these records by date and by status will help me not?

hello @FahdERM, yes you could do something similar to: Increment table ID field from the app - #3 by gio to get the ID’s that need to be launched (sorted by any field you’d like).

@gio thank you for your help. I will use this topic Increment table ID field from the app - #3 by gio to try to develop what i want to do.
have a great day,

sounds great @FahdERM, let us know if anything comes up.

and it would be great if you could share your app on Show and tell - Tulip Community once you’ve built it!!