Different timers

hello dear community,
is there a possibility in Tulip to create different timers and then the user decides when a timer will start and end?

hello @katha, great question!!

there are various solutions to implement what you’re describing, below I’ve described one of the ways this can be achieved:

  1. ask the User for an Input of # of seconds:
  2. calculate the end time based on when the Timer is started:
  3. on a timer, check if the timer has come to its end. if so, you can add any Actions you’d like (simply displaying a message in this example):
  4. this would be the result of the App on the Player:

would this help you achieve what you’d like?? let us know!!

hello @gio,
sorry for the late answer. Thank you and yeah it helped a lot. Is there also a possibility that a user can insert a time and the time will be stored in a Table? Maybe through an input number box and then the number is converted to an interval so that it can be stored in the table as time?

Thank you

hello @katha, great to hear!!

this can certainly be done using the Expression Editor. once you have a number input, you can run the following calculation to get the interval and store it in a Table Record: @App Info.Current Date and Time - (@App Info.Current Date and Time - @Variable.Interval)

resulting Table:

let me know if this helps!! furthermore, we’ll be covering this in Office Hours if you’d like to join.

thanks again for posting!!

hello @gio,
thank you.
I tried to do the same but then I couldn’t store my expression in a interval record field. It was possible only to store it in a record field of the type date.

okay it works now, thank you. But can I calculate also with the intervals like in the picture below?
It shows me always that error:

hello @katha, great to hear!!

so to perform calculations on Intervals, you will first need to convert them over to Numbers and then back to an Interval using the SECONDS_TOINTERVAL() function. something like this will work well: seconds_to_interval(texttonumber(@Variable.Interval 1 + '') / texttonumber(@Variable.Interval 2 + ''))

let me know if this works for you!!


Is there a way to change the resolution of how often the app checks the timer. Im basically looking for a short 1 to 5 second timer.

hello @RMDecker, welcome to the Tulip Community!! it would be great if you could go introduce yourself at: Welcome to the Community, let's meet!!

could you share a little more on the use case you’re building here?? there may be alternatives than faster Triggers that may work well, looking forward to hearing from you!!

I’m working on an assembly work instruction. What I would like to do is when the operator places the part correctly in the nest I want to automatically change the step. I have a inductive proximity switch in the nest to detect the part. However I want it to have to sit for just a couple seconds before the transition insuring its not just a high edge to trigger the transition. (Debounce Timer)

ah OK, that makes sense @RMDecker.

fast time based triggers have now been enabled on your instance, let us know if you have any questions!!

Hi Gio, Are fast time based triggers a feature flag available ? (more frequently than every 30 seconds ?) I would be interested to know more about this or even test it out to see if it slows down an app execution.

hello @pte, yes that’s correct. if you send me your instance URL (via DM) I will enable it for you!!

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Any way I can have this enabled on my instance as well?

@DewyWCI, sure thing!! I have enabled it on your instance.

can you confirm you can view the fast time based triggers??


Yes i can see them now! Thanks!

no problem!!

it would be awesome if you could share the app you use it for on: Show and tell - Tulip Community!!