Different timers

hello dear community,
is there a possibility in Tulip to create different timers and then the user decides when a timer will start and end?

hello @katha, great question!!

there are various solutions to implement what you’re describing, below I’ve described one of the ways this can be achieved:

  1. ask the User for an Input of # of seconds:
  2. calculate the end time based on when the Timer is started:
  3. on a timer, check if the timer has come to its end. if so, you can add any Actions you’d like (simply displaying a message in this example):
  4. this would be the result of the App on the Player:

would this help you achieve what you’d like?? let us know!!

hello @gio,
sorry for the late answer. Thank you and yeah it helped a lot. Is there also a possibility that a user can insert a time and the time will be stored in a Table? Maybe through an input number box and then the number is converted to an interval so that it can be stored in the table as time?

Thank you

hello @katha, great to hear!!

this can certainly be done using the Expression Editor. once you have a number input, you can run the following calculation to get the interval and store it in a Table Record: @App Info.Current Date and Time - (@App Info.Current Date and Time - @Variable.Interval)

resulting Table:

let me know if this helps!! furthermore, we’ll be covering this in Office Hours if you’d like to join.

thanks again for posting!!

hello @gio,
thank you.
I tried to do the same but then I couldn’t store my expression in a interval record field. It was possible only to store it in a record field of the type date.

okay it works now, thank you. But can I calculate also with the intervals like in the picture below?
It shows me always that error:

hello @katha, great to hear!!

so to perform calculations on Intervals, you will first need to convert them over to Numbers and then back to an Interval using the SECONDS_TOINTERVAL() function. something like this will work well: seconds_to_interval(texttonumber(@Variable.Interval 1 + '') / texttonumber(@Variable.Interval 2 + ''))

let me know if this works for you!!