Writing machine attributes to the machine table on new lines

Hi all.

Please see attached images:

In the machine activity table, I can see how I can create additional fields for data and then use triggers to store machine attributes in those fields.

I can see the Line Number updates but what I would like to do is create a machine activity table entry every time the Line Number changes so that it has the time associated with it. (I’m just using Line Number as an example). This would allow a historical record of attribute data.

I could see how this could be done with an app where I use a trigger to write the Line Number value to a table every time the attribute is output, but the app would have to be running. If the app wasn’t running, the data would not be logged.

Is it possible to do this without using an app? I do realise this would make a large machine activity table, but it would contain a historical record of data.

Alternatively, is it possible to populate a user defined table from machine triggers?

I found one way of doing this, by forcing a machine state change - I guess I could create a new state called ‘Running - updating’ or something rather than use Interrupted.

Is there a better way of doing this?

Hey @kevin.moore ,

I believe the only way to do this will be to utilize machine state changes as the catalyst here.

For your question surrounding using a user defined table from machine triggers - this will not be possible. One option could be to utilize an app, and write to a generic Tulip Table via that App (but I know you mentioned having to run an app constantly wasn’t ideal.)

Let me know what you decide it!