Automation - Machine Attribute triggers

I would like to update a table record by using Automation (Machine Attribute triggers). Is that possible ? When I chose Machine Attribute trigger, it does not allow table details to be mentioned in a block to proceed further. Tulip university has a training in which the machine attribute triggers changes in other machine attributes. But there is no more training video of what I want.

That’s because you haven’t selected a table to get from yet. Or are you wanting the Table Name for the Get Table Record block to be defined by a variable?

The table detail is entered already. I am aiming to update a Tulip table record if a machine attribute is changed (there is a condition in between to check whether the record needs to be updated or not, but I haven’t linked that block now, because I need to know how to pull a record and update it when a machine attribute is triggered)

I achieved this by using connector function to get the record ID and store the value what I wanted

I also think it would also be a great addition to automations if there was support to use expressions and also to insert a record into a table without needing the record id (some sort of auto incrementing id)