My Automations "Wish List"

A few things that I think would dramatically increase the utility of Automations:

  • The ability to trigger on and write to user defined tables
  • The ability to write to a machine attribute
  • The ability to call any connector function

One thing that could improve manageability at scale:

  • The ability to associate an automation with all instances of a machine type (and to allow that automation to be coded up abstractly such that instance-specific references are resolved automatically
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Hi @RickBullotta thanks for the feedback. A couple follow up questions / comments.

  • For ‘user define tables’ are you talking about Tulip Tables or are you talking about custom fields on the Users Table? If Tulip Tables, this is possible now via the ‘Create/Update Row’ Action. You can also listed to table updates/changes as an event.
  • We will allow for writing to Machine Activity fields soon, but writing to machine attributes will depend on writing back to machines more broadly and is not a part of automations at the moment.
  • Connector functions are coming soon, likely in the next few releases.
  • Using machine types is prioritized behind connector functions, but coming later in the summer.