How to analyze data from Machine attribute, and store data to a table?

Tulip machine attribute doubt pic 2
Hello Everyone!!
I wanted to know how to store data from a machine attribute to a table, as you this machine attribute data is read in from of graph and might be store in Tulip cloud.
Is there any way to download or save that data in a table format ??

We have been struggling for days to figure it out
Thank you so much any guidance will be appreciated


How often do you want to store it to a table? Also, what is the purpose of storing it? Do you want to view a historical trend? Or maybe you want to associate the attribute data with some other record?

With Tulip, there are usually a number of ways to accomplish a thing and the best way will depend on the situation and problem you are trying to solve.

I will suggest one method in case it’s what you are looking for - you could have your application check if the attribute has changed and, if so, it could create a record (as shown in the image below).

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend doing this without knowing more about your situation, so a little more detail into your use case and what you are thinking about solving would be great.