Write to machine attribute from App

I have an App I’m developing to create an oven chart recorder to digitize the current process.

The oven controller is not “smart” but I’m pulling Temperature Setpoint, Current Temperature, and Controller Output (%) from the controller via Modbus.

I’m trying to add logic to the app such that once the operator presses “Start Process” and goes to the next step, that it checks that Current Temp == Temp Setpoint before putting the “machine” in the Running state, but it doesn’t appear that I can do that currently.

If I add a trigger in Machines and Devices, I only get access to the attribute I set as the trigger, but I have a boolean attribute called Running that I want to change to TRUE when the oven is effectively in cycle.

Is there an easy workaround?

You mean change attribute in your controller?

I’d like to do that long term (automate programs/temps for different products) but in this case I just want to write to a machine attribute in Tulip so I can properly control the machine state.