How to link a Single Select (or Multiple Select) options array from a Tulip table based on a 'category id'

Hi! I’d like to populate my options(arrays) for a single select(or multiselect) input from a table rows. Specifically. I have a table of different categories or defect types and within each defect type I have several defect Reasons. I’d like to populate my single select with items from a reason category with all the Reason codes(text) associated with that reason category. Is there any easy way to do this??

Also, once a reason is selected, and perhaps in a trigger from the select widget or another button, populate a ‘Unit’ table with the selected defect code, and ideally the category and id(index field) of that reason code(text) from the reason codes table into the ‘Unit’ or ‘QA’ table.


William Kurth