How to view Record History of an equipment without executing App?

To view Equipment log or viewing History, is it mandatory to execute app and then only view equipment log.
Is there any other way to equipment log / Record History without executing app ?
We can use tables but again it shows an excel sheet which is editable and not good as per pharma audit point of view

Hi @sumeet.sabat, thanks for this question. I want to ask a quick follow-up to understand your use-case better: Would you mind describing what you’re trying to accomplish with your app and why executing it isn’t the right approach?

Hello @sumeet.sabat,

I believe what you are asking is, can you review table record information without running a “Review App” in the Player, or looking at the Tables view of that specific table.

Another way to review table record data would be to create a table-based analysis on the table where your data is stored. This could then be viewed as a dashboard in Tulip browser. Let us know if this helps!


In LifeSciences / Biotech industry, During Audit :

Auditors ask Operators, who work on shop floor, to show all kinds of logs,

  1. Equipment logs
  2. Temperature records - Cold room / Freezer room
  3. Products taken in and out from cold rooms / Freezer room / Packing areas etc
  4. Workroom / Area Cleaning log
  5. Many more examples (use cases) can be taken

Current practice : Note down in logbooks and shown to auditors when asked.

Tulip : Yes, we can create apps for all and record data.

But can these tables/records be accessible to Operators in an immutable format from their station, because operators are the ones that interact with auditors on shop floor

Please guide

Sumeet Sabat

Hi Sumeet.

I’ve found that using Dashboard functionality and presenting data in a customised tables provides a great way to show read-only, live and searchable data for anyone with the link to that particular Analysis on the Dashboard.
Easy to set-up and you can have multiple analysis depending