HTTP connector: insert image to google sheet

Hi Tulip team,

I want to insert the image of a TULIP table into a Google Sheet. However, only a link was inserted into the table. Can this issue be resolved?

Hi Rui,

Are you still having trouble with this? If so, do you mind explaining more about your use case and why you want an image of a Tulip table in a google sheet and we can go from there!

thanks , Beth.
I reply a support request for this and they are helping me, if I get the solution I will share it here for everyone.

first: get URL : totext(variable.Image)ļ¼Œ
second: insert google sheet range A1 , B1,
A1 value: URL, B1 value: = IMAGE(A1, 3)

It is recommended not to use BASE64 because the number of image pixels is too large and the resulting string will be very long and cannot be inserted into Google Sheet.

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Awesome, Iā€™m glad you figured it out and thanks for sharing what worked for you with the Community!