I cannot use any of the expressions TEXTOINTEGER() or TEXTOINTEGER()

When I tried to set any of this expressions it always bring me a message “Could not find function”

Do you know what could be happening?

Hello @luis.oropeza,

It seems to me that you are missing a T in the function name. Can you try entering TEXTTOINTEGER() to see if that works??

Could you let me know if that works?? Thanks!!


It appears the same error.

@luis.oropeza, this feature is currently in beta and will be on the next scheduled release for your account.

For the time being, can you use PARSEFLOAT() or PARSEINTEGER()??

It didn’t work.

Probably is my bad.

I have 2 different input text variables called:
Assembly qty
Work number

It is known that Assembly qty is always less than 1000
and for Work number is always a number greather than 1000

So that’s the way that I am trying to put
IF / Device output / data / expression / "parsefloat(@Device output data)<1000
Then / Data manipulation / store / Device output / data / Variable / Assembly qty.

IF not…
Then / Data manipulation / store / Device output / data / Variable / Work number…

Hey @luis.oropeza, do you want join Office Hours :link: tomorrow at 11AM EST to cover this??

Certainly sounds like something we’ll be able to tackle!!

Ok, will be great
Thank you

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