PARSEFLOAT function not found

I’m am following the HTTP Connectors by Example articles (3 part series) to learn how to create and use connectors. In the steps provided to convert the temperature to Fahrenheit, you create a Trigger Action that uses the following instructions: “Data Manipulation” “Store” data: “Expression” "ROUND(1.8*PARSEFLOAT(@variable.weather_data.current_temp) - 273)) + 32, 0) + ‘F’. When I tried this, I received notice that the function PARSEFLOAT is not found. Advice?

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Hello @velogirlrides and welcome to Tulip Community!!

Thanks for pointing that out, the function has been updated since we originally wrote that article and we will go in to update it. The updated function is: TEXTTONUMBER(). More information can be found here:

Can you let me know if that works out for you??


Thank you for sharing this update. Yes, using TEXTTONUMBER worked.

This answered my question. :slightly_smiling_face:

great to hear @joey.wheeler!! looking forward to continuing to help as you build using Tulip.