Number vs Float

When creating a table data field, options include Integer and Number

When creating a connector function, options include Integer and Float.

Are Number and Float the same? If so, I suggest standardizing on one descriptor to improve UI.

hello @velogirlrides, thanks for your question!!

these are indeed the same variable types. I agree that it can be confusing as they’re referred to with different terms, I have submitted a feature request to unify the language. we’ll keep you posted as there are updates.

this article: Technical Details of the Expression Editor | Tulip Help Center - Support for Building Manufacturing Apps lists all the functions to convert data types if needed.

thanks again for posting!!

Thank you, Gio. The variable type was indeed the problem with using the connector function to write data to MySQL. Hiding in plan sight.

great to hear @velogirlrides!!

what you mentioned earlier:

will certainly help with this!!

it would be great if you could share the app you’re building on Show and tell - Tulip Community once it’s done!!

Hey, thanks for mentioning this. Is there anywhere else in the Tulip platform where you have seen the “Float” term? That is the only one I know if, but just wanted to check.

I haven’t seen ‘float’ referenced elsewhere.