IF-condition: Table aggregation -> Is Not Empty

Hi all,
in a trigger I can use the conditon
Table Aggregation “Name” Is Empty
inside the IF-part.
I’m missing the counter part: “Is Not Empty”

Is it possible to include?

Regards Chris

Hi @ChrisF, thanks for sharing this. I changed this post to a product suggestion so folks can vote on it. Would you mind sharing your use-case here to help us understanding what “is not empty” would enable you to do?

Hi John,
ofcourse I’ll do:
1st: to complete the possibilities, because normally all conditions are like
contains/does not contain; true/false; blank/not blank …
so it’s stringent to offer this too
2nd: In my app with linked record fields, I will only load a record if the table aggregation is not empty to avoid a trigger error.
I created a table query where I use an app-variable as query input. The table aggregation is using the unique condition. So if the table query returns an empty result, the table aggregation will be empty too.
And it’s easier for the existing code to use
-table aggregation “FU” is not empty

  • table FU has record with ID “myFU”

Without the table aggregation condition “is not empty” I have to use the workaround:

  • TA is empty
    do nothing
  • table FU has record with ID “myFU”

Is it a little bit more clear now?

Regards Chris

Thanks @ChrisF, I appreciate the response. This kind of context is really helpful for our product teams to understand how a function like this would fit into your workflow.