If/Else Statement Limitation


I select a WO in a Tulip table and click on a button to get transitioned to a WI. I have thousands of WI apps. Which practice below is better in terms of response time and clean/smooth transitions without crashes?

  1. Add thousands of if/else statements in a single trigger? (Shown below)
  2. Add thousands of triggers with a single if/else statement?



Maybe it is better to make a mapping table. find the number as ID and go to step by name (found in the app name column)

by the way, the amount of triggers fired in a row is limited…

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@Almaty, I think you should find some time to connect with @Vania or @freedman. We’re creating a ton of new content around work instructions in the library and we might have something for you.

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Im doing the same thing and probably end up with 100s of apps. (hopefully not thousands).
In my WO table i have a column for the App name and then i change app by name.