Importing data from CSV- Broken

Now why does an import, even with mapping, the rows are out of order, some rows aren’t even showing.

Might have to bring this up today at tutor, its pretty frustrating.

Any direction would be helpful. Thank you.

Hi Don - I’m sorry you’re frustrated by the csv import. Could you provide a little more context and/or screenshots of your issue so the community can help?

Some things I can think off off the bat that might cause problems:

  1. duplicate IDs
  2. trailing spaces in ID column
  3. mismatch in the data type the tulip table is expecting and the actual data in a cell/rows

This link may also help - it has some tips for check CSVs for errors

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Hi Beth thank you for reaching out with your input.

This is an example of the screen sizes that aren’t in order.

Some rows are being sent to the very end of the table.

Thank you for your time.


Hey Don

Couple more questions from me to try and understand the situation -

What order should the screen sizes be in?
Is there any type of filtering or sort that is happening in the table that could be causing this?


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Hi Beth thank you for reaching back out. The arrow sorting a-z worked well. I would like TBC and Mesh to be grouped separately, the sizes from smallest to largest. Would be great if this is possible.

Don, please note that you can add multiple sorts to a table in a couple ways:

  • When creating a Table Query, see the ‘Sort’ feature. You can set the sorting to occur by one column Then by another column. (This sorting should then be carried over to the values you may see when applying a Unique Values Aggregation.)

  • Sorting by multiple columns can also be applied in the Tulip App Editor on the Interactive Table Widget.


Thank you Tim for your input and advice, appreciate your time. My issue is that my import is not lining up exactly esp. with these screen sizes. I guess I can use some type of sorting, just disappointed that the upload is causing issues and trying to figure out why.

Don, keep in mind that any newly-imported rows will appear at the bottom of the table - however the only sorting that is visible to an operator using Tulip Apps are via the sorting methods I described. I hope this is of some help.

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Thank you it is good information, appreciate it. I just wish that this csv file would import correctly, row for row. Would make a particular app- a search for equipment- a lot smoother.