[Tip of the Week] Import CSV File

hello all,

in this weeks’ Tip of the Week, we’d like to share how CSV files can be easily imported into Tulip Tables.

this is a simple and very powerful feature that is not widely known about. once you have a CSV file (easily exportable from any spreadsheet software) the import CSV feature walks you through a wizard to import the data. furthermore, the wizard conveniently matches the columns for your import and prompts what you’d like to do if a Record is found with an existing ID.

here’s the guide to importing CSV files to Tulip Tables:

  1. spreadsheet being imported:
  2. create a CSV file from the spreadsheet:
  3. in your Table, click … (top right) > Import data from CSV file:
  4. run through the import wizard:

  5. result:

are you using this feature?? if so, share how it’s being used below!!