Import csv without creating all column names first


I would like to import a csv into Tulip table, however, it contains at least 400 columns. Is there any way that I can import them directly from my PC? It will take so much time if I create each header one by one.

Thank you!

hello @dorothy, that’s a great question and can be done using the Import CSV function in Tulip. have you taken a look at this guide?? How to Import a Spreadsheet into a Table | Tulip Help Center - Support for Building Manufacturing Apps

you can store your Spreadsheet as a CSV on your computer, and upload it to a Tulip Table through an import wizard.

let me know if that’s what you’re looking for!!

Will this mean I need to first create 400+ fields in Tulip table?

That’s too much work for me.

Any other ways just need me to import the data?

Thank you!

that is correct, and actually Tulip Tables currently has a limit of 100 fields. feel free to post here if you’d like the Product team to consider increasing this limit: Product suggestions - Tulip Community.

an alternative could be uploading the data to a Google Sheet and connecting to it using the Library App: Google Sheets Unit Test | Indsutrial Operations App Library | Tulip. would this work for you??

Actually we limit the use of the cloud document like google sheets due to the security issue.

What if I connect to the database? Can Tulip directly reach the hundreds of column table in the database and then I can do some query to get the final table within 100 cols? If so, how can I do that?

Thank you!

understood @dorothy!! we can also connect to Excel if your organization allows that: M365 Excel Unit Test | Indsutrial Operations App Library | Tulip.

but if you you would like to use a Database, that works great too (and you have no limit in number of fields). you can create a Connector to the SQL Database and then write Functions to read or write information from them. this article has some good reference material on how to get started if you decide to go down that route: How to Write a SQL Connector Function | Tulip Help Center - Support for Building Manufacturing Apps.

finally, would you like to join Office Hours to discuss this?? if so, feel free to fill this form: