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Hello Tulip team,
There is already some post about this limit of 100 triggers on support and troubleshooting but would it be possible to increase this limit (unlimited or 500 triggers at least) ? Same comment for the limit of records from get request with Table API (unlimited or 500 records at least).
I’m meeting this limit when I create planning with Tulip.
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Hey Patxi, can you share the use case where you need more triggers in a row?

Perhaps there is another way we can solve it besides more iterations through a loop.

Hi Kevin,

I can give you an example:

To create a planning in pharma the user input information regarding to that batch and it will create automatically a sequence of process and a sequence of sampling stage and a list of tests required. To automate the planning different “master” tables are being used to create the link between each layer.

In just one click the planning can be created but we need loops to create records to track the info in specific linked table (ex of layers : one table to track batch, one to track by process stage, one by sampling stage, one by sample, one by tests)

And I encounter the sample problem to change status (especially of linked record). For example when a sample is ready at the lab the status of all the tests related to this sample should change to ready. At the moment I call these records with the table API and I do a loop to change the status of each.

I believe the mass update feature in coming could help (yet not sure of what it could achieve exactly) but in the meantime increasing the limit of triggers will do. :ok_hand:

Got it. We will discuss the idea of a higher trigger limit - these things can become big decisions because a higher trigger limit requires notification for all customers that trigger limits in existing production apps will also be increased, which could change the behavior of production apps.

As for the second use case, we will solve this in the future via “Mass Table Record Update” functionality. It would also work with linked records, ie “update all records that are linked to this record”.

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Hey Tulip,

I’m finding that I’m hitting the same restrictions for trigger loops.

My use case typically involves either:

1.) Changing the status of a subset of table records by creating an array of record IDs then going through each record ID in the array and changing the status of that record (for example from active to inactive) or

2.) Duplicating a subset of records with typically one field changed using the same method of creating an array of record IDs and stepping through each ID in the array to generate a new record with the same information but a changed field and then looping to the next index until I reach the end of the array.

I also find the array limit of 100 is restrictive when creating drop-down lists from arrays.

The mass change to a field of a query would be a game changer for the 1st use case, but I still don’t know how to get around the trigger limit for the 2nd use case or the array limit.

Any timeframe on the mass change feature? And any suggestions for the other two issues explained above.

Hi @Esinger5,

I know the Product team is currently evaluating native looping functionality within Tulip. @pete take a look here for some key examples!

Do you have a rough idea of how many trigger executions you’d need in the interim before we it’s supported natively?

Grant Levy

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