Inputs from Flic button using IFTTT / Connector


Is there any way to read inputs from IFTTT or Zapier or similar in a Tulip app? I have an external device, a flic button, which I would like to connect to my tulip app. The Flic button can be connected to various applications, it is currently connected to IFTTT but I can’t seem to find a way to get any inputs from IFTTT to my app?

Another idea I have is to send an internet request from the flic button and set up a Connector in my Tulip app if that’s how it works? But then I want the connector to continuously run and read whenever the flic button is pressed and the internet request is sent. Is there a way to set up a connector in that way?

Has anyone done something similar or have any other ideas?


Hi, create a machine in Tulip to simulate your button, create a toggle on/off attribute with machine API as data source. Program Zapier or IFTT to call Machine Tulip API when you press your button. You will have a « button » event available for your apps.

NodeRed will work with node and Tulip node

Thanks for your reply @youri.regnaud.
I managed to connect the flic button to a Tulip table with the API. However, now the values are updated in the Tulip table but the values in the table are not automatically updated when shown in the App unless you restart the app. Is there any way to keep the table automatically updated and/or active a trigger when the table is actually being updated in order to do other things?

Is this where you mean that the “button” event could be in use? Do you know how one can set up that with the Table Tulip API instead of the machine API?

You have to use Machine API to create a event in apps