Introducing Voting on Product Suggestions

At Tulip, we are big believers in the Lean principle that people close to operations usually have the best insights on improvement opportunities. This is why when we launched this community in 2019, we included a channel called ‘Product Suggestions’. Since then, over 200 suggestions have been made by our members.

These suggestions have led to several built features as well as useful discussions with our product team, that ultimately have an impact on our roadmap.

To improve this channel and make your suggestions more actionable, today we’re introducing a voting functionality, so you can not only submit your ideas but also show your support for other people’s suggestions.

The number of votes you get depends on your Trust Level. Your Trust Level is calculated based on a number of factors - as a general rule of thumb, the more you share what you’ve built, learn from how others are using Tulip, and help other users, the higher your Trust Level!

We can’t promise all top-voted ideas will make it to the product, but we’ll take them all into consideration and will do our best to provide visibility into our thinking and timelines when they don’t.

Thanks in advance for all your ideas and have fun voting!

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How does voting work?

Every community member will receive up to 10 votes which you can use to ‘upvote’ suggestions you’d like to see built.

How many votes do I get?

You can get up to 10 votes, depending on your participation on the Tulip Community:

  • Level 0 - 1 votes
  • Level 1 - 3 votes
  • Level 2 - 5 votes
  • Level 3 - 8 votes
  • Level 4 - 10 votes

How can I get more votes?

The more you help other members, share your work, and add product suggestions, the more votes you’ll have. Reach out to Gio via direct messages if you have any questions.

How will voting influence the roadmap?

The product suggestions channel is one of many inputs of our product development process. We look at it periodically to see what issues you’re facing and what ideas you’re coming up with. Some of these are already in our roadmap, others might eventually make it, and some never will. We promise all the suggestions will be discussed by our team and we’ll try to be as transparent as possible with respect to timelines and our rationale.

What happens if I change my mind on a feature I upvoted?

You can always take the vote back and use it on a different feature.

What happens once a feature I upvoted gets built or rejected?

You will get your vote back so you can support other ideas.

How else can I help influence the roadmap?

You can apply to join our user advisory council, be part of our beta user groups, reach out to our product team, and participate in this community.