How Tulip Community Product Suggestions Work

Hi Tulip Community :tulip:

I wanted create a post to help newcomers and our veterans alike better understand what happens when you create a Product Suggestion on Tulip Community.

TL:DR - No, your suggestions do not just go into the void!!

We care deeply about your input, and in the spirit of continuous improvement, we care about making Tulip the best it can be so it can be your favorite tool and greatest asset when you are tackling tough problems in manufacturing.

So here’s what happens:

  • You create a product suggestion on Tulip Community

  • We automatically create a ticket in our internal tracking system from this suggestion, ensuring that it makes it into our backlog of suggestions that need to be triaged and prioritized.

  • Myself or a member of our Product Team (usually our Product Managers) will respond to your request, acknowledging and thanking you for the suggestion and asking any follow up questions to better help us understand the request and scope the work.

    • Any additional context you can provide (screenshots, use cases, pain points, etc.) are so helpful for us to make sure we provide the correct solution and features to fulfill your request!
  • We internally prioritize your product suggestions and it does help bump priority of your suggestions if you and others “vote” for the suggestion! (Note: you can vote for your own suggestion!)

    • We do try and incorporate as many of your suggestions as possible into the roadmap. Our Product Team scopes work for the roadmap for the entire year, so sometimes, it is hard to implement solutions right away, but for certain things that are technically less complex, we do try and squeeze them in! For things that are harder to implement or require bigger changes, we will try and implement as feasible in the next year’s roadmap.
    • We try to be as transparent as possible about what we are working on and when, but I am sure as you all know, things change and there are sometimes more urgent priorities that come up that make us hesitant to promise specific dates or releases until we know for sure we can hit that timeline!
  • I will follow up on Community - closing out product suggestion threads as they are implemented and calling out those product suggestions in the release notes, that way we can celberate these wins together and you are in the loop when features you suggested make it Tulip :tada:

I know having a voice in the product is very important to all of you, and the Tulip Team loves seeing your feedback and having the Tulip Community as a strong generator of awesome product ideas and improvements.

Thanks for helping us to make Tulip even better. We wouldn’t be here without you :heart: