Is it possible to zoom in an iFrame

Hi all,
I have embedded iFrame Mashups / Embedding iFrame’s in tulip - Product suggestions - Tulip Communityfor visualizing the Live view OSI PI application.

Is it possible to zoom in the visual data in the iFrame.

e.g. The embedded link is displaying a graph which is populated in the OSI PI application, and we are using Tulip to display the graph. Now our operator would like to zoom in, to see the details.

So, is it possible to do this with iFrame widget?

Thank you for the support

The widget only delivers an iFrame. It has no own functionalities.
So everything is possible, what is provided by the embedded page itself.
If the page inside the iFrame allows to zoom → its possible

e.g. if you embed the google maps embedded version, you will be able to zoom an navigate:
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