Embedding Tulip in iFrames (within a machine HMI)

Just curious to know if anyone has tried this.
My idea is to embed Tulip in a machine HMI for the operator to enter batch information.
For example Rockwell FactoryTalk allows embedding a website. The question is if Tulip allows it.
Using FactoryTalk View SE Software to Visualize Web Content - YouTube


Hey @Rakitha -

Great idea! I love the concept. On paper, I don’t think there should be any issues with running a Tulip App in an embedded web viewer, with the following exceptions:

  1. Depending on how they implement the embedding (I expect this would be the case with an iframe, for example) it’s probable that you’d need to re-authenticate & re-assign-to-a-station the HMI in the event of closing the embedded window.

  2. Technically we only officially support Player in Chrome, so depending on which browser implementation they’re using there may be some instability.

  3. Obviously, you wouldn’t be able to use any device drivers (like Tulip Vision), but anything run from the Cloud or an Edge Device should work without incident.

In all, I’m pretty confident this is a great application. If you end up trying it out, let us know how it goes!

(Quick update - Engineering just let me know the one thing you’ll need to do is add the URL of the containing page to your Instance’s Player Allowlist, found at https://<your-tulip-instance>/account/iframe-allowlist. This should be accessible by Admins in your org. If you don’t see it, email support@tulip.co with your Instance name as we can enable it for you!)

Hi Kyle,
Thank you for your reply.
I can see a problem here, the HMI software usually does not have URL so I wont be able to add it in the allow list. I don’t have Rockwell FactoryTalk to try it out myself. Our contracted machine builder is using FactoryTalk and I was thinking if I could add Tulip to the requirements for the machine. But in light of this info, I would just use MQTT to communicate to the machine and keep the two GUIs separate.
But its great to know this is a possibility.