Is there any way to do table joins (INNER and OUTER joins) in Tulip?

I am probably going to have to be exporting data from several tables that are joined by linked records, or possibly not ‘linked records’. Some of the table joins could span over 3-5 tables and involve correlated subqueries along with classic SQL INNER and OUTER join semantics. Is there a way to do this in Tulip??

Also, is there some way to create a SQL ‘View’(essentially a Select stmt, with placeholders for parameters/filters even maybe??)


William Kurth

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Hey @wkurth4008,

Mostly updating this for the community (in the off chance anyone finds this in the future)!

Right now there isn’t a way to do traditional joins on tables, but linked records can get you most of the core functionality joins might provide for something like genealogy. This is an intentional decision to limit the technical skillset required to make Tulip apps (most Tulip users don’t have a SQL/Software background).

Having said that…
Many customers are looking to combine Tulip data with other Tulip data, or other production data. Very often the way this is done is periodically pulling Table data through the tables API into a traditional SQL table that your powerBI tool can interface with directly. For context, this is usually how most of these tools work, they don’t look at the underlying production tables directly, but a periodically updated mirror of them.