Issues with REST request running a table aggregation

I’m working on building up a REST call from Highbyte to Tulip to return the results of a table aggregation. Everything was working up until I added the filters part of the URL which has special characters that need to be converted to a URL compliant % encoding.

Per the API docs, this is supported, but is not working for me. The error part of the message is:

status: Bad Request
 Raw response:
{"details":"Unable to parse query string: error parsing query value for `filters` as JSON: invalid character '%' looking for beginning of value","errorCode":"InvalidQueryString"}

The non-encoded version I’m passing with the filters option is:
[{"field": "mkqih_disposition", "functionType": "notBlank"}]

Try this one:


%25 leads to a % after decoding…

! # $ & ( ) * + , / : ; = ? @ [ ]
%21 %23 %24 %26 %27 %28 %29 %2A %2B %2C %2F %3A %3B %3D %3F %40 %5B %5D

The encoding is being done by Highbyte, so it looks like I need to follow up with them.


Try URL Encode and Decode - Online (

On the very top you can switch between encoding and decoding