Getting error while writing to tulip table via highbyte Rest connection using json format

Hi Tulip Team,

We are trying to write data from Highbyte to Tulip Table in json format. We are getting the following error.

Failed to write target
Connection.Demo_CSV_HighbyteRest.Write on flow Demo_CSV_highbyte. Cause: Unprocessable Entity Response: {“errorCode”:“NoSuchColumn”,“details”:“That Tulip Table does not have a column named _name”}.

We need your support to solve this issue.

Hi @yogesh.rajpurohit -

Nice to meet you and welcome to the Tulip Community!

Potentially there is something here with how the data is formatted in the request body - if you do not have a column “_name” in your tulip table, you will need to modify the json to be the unique ID of the that column.

It is hard to debug this without more information, so any other information you can provide will be helpful here!

Hello this is HighByte Support. The attribute _name is metadata added to the Intelligence Hub payload and it may be filtered out. The Tulip Table column IDs need to be mapped to the Intelligence Hub payload attributes using a Template on the Intelligence Hub REST Client Connection Output. This HighByte Knowledge Base article describes how to do this. How-To Exchange Data with Tulip Tables | User Guide | HighByte Account Portal
Reach out to with additional questions. Thank you!


Hi @Beth

We are trying to update the tulip table by rest API connection. We are extracting the input data from csv file connections from highbyte. We also created a model and instance in highbyte to get the required input data from csv files.
Then we created a flow where the instance data is the source, and the target is output rest API (POST method) connection.
when we execute the flow, we are getting the following error

We are trying to add a new record in Tulip Table with the following Json format

Kindly please let me know if you require any additional information from my end.

@yogesh.rajpurohit - thanks for the additional information, did you by chance see @HighByte_Support response above? I think what they have suggested should be able to help you here, but if you still have trouble after trying their suggestion, please let us know :slight_smile: