Import CSV/JSON file to Tulip Table


By using Bot API feature with Postman Runner, it is possible to import CSV/JSON file directly to a Tulip table.
To get explainations on Postman Runner , click on the following link



So I assume you created the table with all of the necessary fields before using postman to POST the records using the Tulip /records endpoint to post each record from your CSV?

I am working on importing a csv file today.


hi austin,

yes exactly, you are well rigth. The table creation is an another action.
You could use TULIP API to create the table with the appropriate field but it is much more faster to do it manually.

If you need some help, do not hesitate.


Did you have to use Postman variables inside your body to link the fields from the csv to the body of the POST request? Also did you write any tests in your postman request?


Yes, exactly. This is just nominated variable (they are not linked to any environement or initialized at the beginning)
As on the following example,

When you are using the Postman Runner tool, try the button preview just after upload your CSV or Json file.
You should have a match between your variables (inside your body) and the fields in your file.
As on the following example,