[Library App] Photo Gallery - no longer compatible with Tulip?

Hi all,
I tried to install this app to my Tulip account, but it said it’s not compatible with my Tulip version.

Is there an update for this app, or what can I do?

Regards Chris

Hi @ChrisF, thanks for bringing this up. Which release are you currently on? Tagging in @mariecreel from our eco team who can help troubleshoot.

Hi John, @mariecreel ,
I’m unsing this version:
Version: r256.2
Deploy Date: 07.07.2023 02:05


Hoping this information will help

Hi @ChrisF,

Thank you for sharing more information about your instance and the issue you’re experiencing! I have confirmed that the Photo Gallery application is compatible with version r256.2, and I was able to import the Photo Gallery app to Tulip. Can you please confirm whether you’re able to import the app yourself, or if you’re still seeing the error mentioned above?

Hi Marie,
that’s weird. After confirming the same error, I chcekct my App folder and my Tulip tables and saw both: the App and 3 Tables.
So I archived all items and tried to install again: same error but now I have neither the app nor the tables.
After several tries it wount come back…

Regards Chris