Light Stack flashing

Hi Guys,
Any one know how can i make one of the light stack leds’ flashs every 1 or 2 seconds? In fact, this is what i want to do :
Red fix : Error
Flashing red : Needs Help
Green fix : Okay
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hello @FahdERM, great question!!

have you considered using NodeRED on an Edge MC for this use case?? based on what I’m understanding, you should be able to achieve this.

Hi @gio, i have just ordered an Edge MC for the test. So, do you have an example on how to do that or any thing that would help me?
thank you,

hello @FahdERM, I would recommend starting taking a look at some of the posts here on Tulip Community: March 2021 App Competition [Node-RED] and posting on the NodeRED Community:

I will also mention that since this was posted, there have been some updates in Tulip allowing you to have faster Triggers (up to 1 second) if you’d like: Different timers - #8 by RMDecker.

would you like for me to enable this on your instance?? if so, can you send me your instance URL via Direct Message??


@gio Is there a way using existing functions and triggers to blink a light in the ANDON light stack, while on a certain step? I would like to get to have a light blink on the pull steps of my AQL app to help get the attention of the operator.

hello @jzwierzchowskimmc, have you considered adding two triggers that fire every second and alternate the lightstack between on an off?? you would need a Variable that toggles so you know whether to turn the light on or off.

I do not have a Gateway available to demo this, but logic similar to this should work great:

let us know if you’re able to implement this!!

@gio Thanks! IT should have the gateway configured by tomorrow hoping that it’ll work. I will let you know if I run into any issues.