ANDON and Light Bar

As part of my sampling application, I am integrating ANDON stack light and the light bar. During a testing stage I have these both blinking using the timer trigger. If a sample fails I want to set these to Red but it seems like the timer trigger cannot be overridden, so that another trigger cannot “take over control” of the lights. Is it possible to do this?

hello @jzwierzchowskimmc, thanks for posting!!

have you considered adding a Conditional statement in your Timer Trigger to check for a Variable that checks a Variable (that you’ll need to create) if the sample has failed?? if that is true, you can then turn on the Red Andon light (depending on what Pin that’s connected to):

let me know if something like this would work for you and if you have further questions!!

I have, but the other blinking light in the step continues to blink. Using the timer trick you shared to create a blinking light notifies its time to conduct testing. Then the operators input Test Results, then if it fails I want to turn the blinking lights to be red( solid or blinking). I tried this but the timer trigger overrides the other conditional logic for red light.

OK, thanks for clarifying @jzwierzchowskimmc!! could you share a screenshot of the Triggers that are executing these Actions??

one other option is to have 2 steps, 1 for when the sample passes and 1 for when the sample fails. in each of these Steps you can add a Timer Trigger to switch on the Red or Green light, depending on what pins they’re connected to. would that work for you??

These are the timer triggers to blink the lights.

Button trigger for Red lights, bins don’t match because I was playing around with different options but the meat of it is there

OK, thanks for sharing @jzwierzchowskimmc.

I believe the simplest solution would be to duplicate your Step. you can add a Trigger to navigate to the corresponding Step when the Sample fails or passes, and then define the color you’d like your Andon light to turn on in that Step.

let me know if that makes sense!!

Yeah it does. But my only concern is that if there is a failure and there is more samples to test. So there are multiple samples being tested on the same step. I liked the thought of the blinking lights in order to catch the operators attention but it seems that it complicates the back end of the application if a failure occurs. otherwise if there are no failures and the step is completed the bin turns on green. But I would like the failures to display a real time indication(red light). I might try adding another if statement in the timer portion that acts on my failure counter and see if that works.

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OK, that sounds like a good solution @jzwierzchowskimmc. let us know how it goes!!

I think that did the trick. Going to run a few more tests and make sure it goes off without any hitches