Load a Table Record with an RFID

Is there a way to load a Table with an RFID tag? but that tag number is not the Column ID

See image for more details about my question

table rfid

Hey there @emendoza , the simplest way to do this would be to make the RFID Tag ID the record ID of the table. To do this, you can choose table records > create or load record by the device output.

There may be reasons, however, that you do not want the RFID Tag to be the ID of the table record. There can be other situations where you want to load a table record by a field other than the ID field. This is basically “looking up a Record ID based on other fields”.

In order to help with this, I’m sharing a quick tip video that I just made that explains one way to use table queries and aggregations to look up an ID based on other fields.

Does this help?

Hi Freedman!

Yes that’s what I just did, I used a Query & Table Aggregation and it works!!