Log out if Shift Change


I want to log out user when the shift change? How can I check the shift in background all the time in-app? @John

Hi @OzanB, this sounds like a good use-case for automations, a new feature which is currently in Beta. Have you talked to anyone at Tulip about this?

There’s also the schedules and shifts feature, which you can learn about here.

Hi @John,

I don’t have access to Automations. How can I reach to Automation editor? Is it free of charge?

I also raised a ticket for this. #12955

@OzanB, it’s currently in closed Beta, but I can put you in touch w/ @pete, who’s managing that feature and the beta program.

Hi @OzanB - We are rolling out automations now and will start open beta in early Sept… However, I’m not 100% sure they will meet your use case immediately. You will be able to play around, free of charge in September. I’ll add you to the list.

Thanks for the information.