LTS 8 Release: not enabled features

Hi Team,

The below features are not reflected in

  1. Allow multi select scaling(resizing)/rotating of widgets in app editor:
    Comments - resizing is ok but rotation is not working

2.The ‘Steps’ tab in the App Editor has a new tree for organizing steps. Groups can now be expanded and collapsed and multiple steps can be selected and moved at once. ‘Master Layout’ has been renamed to ‘Base Layout’. ​
Comments: I am not able to select and move multiple steps at once

3.Aggregations for unique values can now return sorted results.
Comments: Is the feature talking about “sort” under table>>queries>>sort
can you please elaborate ?

  1. Signature Widget feature flag is default to true
    Comments: I don’t see the widget enabled in this instance

Kindly look into the same.

Thank you.

Hey @cpu -

  1. I am not able to recreate the same behavior with rotation not working.
  2. Not being to move multiple individual steps was intentionally cut from scope for v1 of the new step layout, I will make sure there is still a ticket in the works to get this added.
  3. Sure, Any query can be sorted in ascending or descending order, this includes queries that are being used in aggregations. Your Unique Values Aggregation will return all the unique values from specific field within your table, but after the query has been applied, so any sorting of the query will apply to the aggregation values.
  4. I am working with our support team to understand why you arent seeing this widget.
    EDIT: The esig widget is now available in your instance.


Reg 1. “I am not able to recreate the same behavior with rotation not working”
Is it not possible to rotate with the help of Widget parameter section, I see it is greyed out when more than one widget is select.

Hey @cpu -

Ah, that makes more sense, can you rotate them in the step UI, as opposed to the widget settings?

By default we limit many of the context pane settings when multiple widgets are selected. I will write a feature request to enable the rotate setting when multiples are selected.


Hi Pete,
Yah, Thank you!! enabling it in context pane settings will be very helpful.
Reg, the current way of rotating: It works, but a bit weird.
It is perfectly fine when 2 widgets are selected. But when I tried with 3 ,this is what is happening (please see the link)

Wrote up a bug for this behavior yesterday. It looks like the order widgets are selected matters (until this bug is fixed). Right now this is the behavior:

  1. Select 3 widgets (with ctrl+click)
  2. using the rotation handle for 1 selected widget, rotate all 3 widgets.
    a. if the first selected widget and the rotation handle are moved, only the first widget will rotate (or resize)
    b. If the second is selected, the first and second will rotate(or resize)
    c. if the third is selected, all 3 will rotate or resize (this is expected behavior)


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Hi Pete,

Thanks a lot of the updates.