Quality of Life Suggestion


Prior to the LTS11 upgrade, we were able to use the directional keys on the keyboard to move between steps. Now it brings us to the very last step and starts using the scrollbar. Is there a technical reason for this change or can this be implemented back?

Deleting a step also forces us back to the bottom of the app.



Hi Levi - Just to be sure, are you talking about navigating in the app editor with the directional keys?

Yes, that is correct.

I recognize another issue, connected to this navigation.
When I select a widget in the step tree on the left side, and then use the directional keys, it jumps through the steps. (Down and up again will not select the same widget, where you came from, but the whole step again. That makes sense, however, I expected highlighting the widgets to disable the step navigation.)
I expected to move the selected widget around.
To achieve this you have to klick into the widget settings area…

Hi @thorsten.langner @Levi ,

Thanks for flagging! This is unexpected behavior and the team is discussing some solutions to fix these keyboard nav issues.