New input widget Datasource is a step back

Hi there,

the input widgets now got the new Data Options/Datasource selection, where you list all variables and table records in groups.

I think the idea behind this change is a great one, but you deleted a very time-saving and practical function: selecting the next variable below or above the selected variable by the arrow keys.
The behavior as the variable widgets still have: click on the down-arrow right of the variable name and press the arrow down or up key to select the next variable in the list.


NOW: you have to open the right group (ok, you can see the full “path” of the variable by hover the mouse over it), select the right table record and scroll down to the next variable.

Absolute annoying when you copy a step with dozen of input widgets and trying to change all variables to the next one.

So please expand the current group for the selected variable or make it optional

Regards Chris


Thanks for the feedback. You are completely right. We have plans to fully implement keyboard navigation and entry support to this new elements. You should see it coming relatively soon.

Please let us know of any other ways we could improve the experience.