Bug: datasource can't be deleted

I can’t delete the datasource of the variable widget. Neither can I delete the previous variable nor overwrite/type a new variable name inside the field. I need to search the new variable in the annoying unsorted variable structure.

Version: r282.1

Deploy Date: 02.07.2024 02:24

Garden: eu-70

Pls fix it soon


Hi Chris,

Thanks for bringing this up!

I tested this myself and am seeing the same behavior you noted. Checking with the team now and will report back :saluting_face:

In my case this workaround works:

Select the widget → klick behind or on the variable in the Datasource field → hit backspace → klick in the Datasource field again and start typing the new variable…

Hi @ChrisF, this is indeed a bug. Thank you for reporting this and we hope to address it soon.

Thank you @thorsten.langner for providing a workaround — this seems like the best (but still annoying) alternative until we investigate this.