Delete all unused variables

I want to be able to quickly delete all unused variables.

Context: I am recreating physical check sheets that have similar formatting. To save on design time, I duplicate applications and replace their contents, then delete all variables that are not being used. With the new update with the menu button for each variable, it has doubled my click count just to delete all variables. Some of our devices do not have the recommended amount of RAM to run TULIP, so deleting these variables helps those devices run a little smoother.

I ran out of votes but ran into this problem too. As of now I use the the filter to find “Not Used” for faster deletions but still need to click and delete each individual variable.

Hey @dsun,

This is on the roadmap and is being actively worked on. This is a very small feature that is part of a much larger project. As parts of that project are completed, they are actively being released (notice the new UI for steps in r227? That is part of this larger project). I can’t commit yet to a date on this feature, but it has been documented as will be in scope for that project.


Will do! I’m happy to see it in development.

Is there any update on this feature being implemented?

Hey @dsun -

This feature is in code review right now and should land in r235 (releasing in 2.5 weeks). Quarterly each team will spend a couple weeks just sneaking in lots of quick win features, and that just happened for the team that works on the app editor.

Your request is the reason this happened! Keep the great ideas coming-

Yaaaaay! Thank you for the implementation. I was able to use the function and instantly deleted between 600-1000 variables from several apps.

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