Easier method to clear a large number of variables in one action

I have a button that clears the variables so operator can have a clean start to input values into variables in a step. For the button I need to have one action for each variable to clear. For this one step I have more than 20 variables and therefore 20 actions in that one trigger. Very tedious to type essentially the same action numerous times with the only difference being the name of the variable.

It work help if there was a feature instead of clearing just one variable we get a listing of all the variables and we get an to “select all” or select/deselect individual variables to clear. This would be similar to excel data list when you want to filter the data set in a column using the DATA/Filter feature and I get to pick what I want to filter by. In Tulip case, it would be which variables I want to clear.

Hey Attaboy, I think in many cases like this people just restart the app (which can be done with a trigger), or “complete” the app. Do you have many other variables that you don’t want to clear? Or if it is only a few that you don’t want to clear it might be easier to just reinitialize them at the top of the app

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Thanks for this, Ethan!

I had the same thought as Attaboy, and this solution addresses my use-case.

It would still be nice to be able to group variables in folders like we can group steps, that way we can reset only one folder. Plus it has other uses beyond only resetting.

@Ventsi, I love this suggestion for grouping variables. @kimberly :eyes:

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Thanks for this, it’s an interesting idea! Can you give some examples of groups you might want to create? I’m particularly curious about the difference between variable folders and object variables that allow multiple properties.

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