Clearing input values

Hi there,

when working with form steps it seems to be impossible to clear the value of a text field once the user has typed in something. When clearing the corresponding variable this does not effect the value displayed inside the input.

Hi Vanessa,

Could you provide some additional detail on this issue? It should be possible to select and delete the information in the form fields. Do you mean after the form has been submitted, or before as well?


Hi Brian,

the setting is as follows:
We have a form step where the user inputs a serial number of a product. He then proceeds to the next page from there by submitting and does other things. When the whole process is finished, he goes back to the very first Page with the link to said form step. Here the corresponding variable is cleared before the user gets to the form step. But inside the input there is still the value the user has typed in before, even though the variable is empty.
Of course the user can manually clear the input but we wanted to do this automatically


Thanks so much for providing some additional context here. I’ve spoke to the team about this issue and have submitted an internal ticket into this bug. We will feed back to you with updates on this issue!