Array for single select widget is cleared when app resets


I’m new to the platform so bear with me,

I would like to have this list of options in the single select for creating records and for filtering an interactive table within my app. I’ve made the possibility to populate the array variable within the app, but after restarting the app all of the data within the array variable is cleared.

I assume variables are cleared whenever the app memory is cleared, so I think I have two options:

  1. Use a table to populate the array on startup of the app (if the array variable is empty)
  2. I stick to the static list option, which doesn’t allow the users to add more strings to the array .

Is there an option to use a table to populate an array variable?


hello @stijn.devriendt, welcome to the Tulip Community!!

your assumption that Variables are cleared on completion is correct, however this can be easily changed by removing the ‘Clear on Completion’ option on the Variable:

do you think this option will work for you??

alternatively, you can add another Interactive Table, link a Table Record Placeholder, and use that as the filter for your main Interactive Table. it would be similar to this, except having an Interactive Table instead of the Text Input.

let us know if wither of those solutions will work for you!!

Hi Gio,

Unchecking the “Clear on completion” doesn’t seem to prevent the issue. On restart of the app the variables are still cleared.

OK, thanks for specifying @stijn.devriendt. just to confirm, are values present in the Text Array when the App completes the first time??

another option is to include an Interactive Table rather than a dropdown and let the user select an individual record: Table records in a select option - #2 by gio. would this work for the App you’re trying to build??

finally, would you like to join Office Hours to discuss this?? if so, here are the links to join the sessions: